Taycan VR Experience

March 23rd, 2020 by

Using virtual reality, customers have the opportunity to digitally explore the first fully electric Porsche.

Since the end of 2019, the Taycan has been the first all-electric Porsche on the market in the US. Germany and a few European markets followed in January 2020, with further launches underway or scheduled for the coming months. Even where the car has not yet been launched in reality, it is already being presented virtually in Porsche showrooms. The application is called the “Taycan VR Experience” and allows the customer to view the new Porsche up close and even under the bodywork using virtual reality goggles. The representation is very close to the real vehicle.

The user can trace the contours of the new model wearing the goggles, experiencing the typical Porsche styling for themselves. The Taycan’s aerodynamics are simulated with a superimposed airflow which can be controlled by the user. The highlights are discovering the car in detail, inside and out, and customizing the paint finish.

The Taycan is the beginning of a new era at Porsche – and it is only appropriate that we have created a modern digital application so that our electric sports car can be experienced virtually,” says Robert Ader, Head of Customer Relations at Porsche. “The information needs of our customers in the dealerships are enormous – we can now meet these needs with the VR Experience even before the physical market launch.”

The application is already on offer in around 100 Porsche Centres – in two languages: German and English. Further languages, such as Chinese and French, will be added in the next few months as the application is scheduled to launch in other markets.

Taycan VR Experience, 2020, Porsche AG

The Taycan VR Experience is a playful pioneer for virtual reality applications in the dealerships. The next stage is virtual car configuration, which the Porsche marketing team is currently working on intensively and which will be rolled out in the Porsche Centres in the months ahead.

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