Porsche races into the future at AutoMobility LA

December 4th, 2019 by

Every year since 2013, the Los Angeles Auto Show kicks off with a daylong conference about the future of cars and technology called AutoMobility LA. More than 200 auto, tech, and media attendees at this year’s conference gathered for a “fireside chat” on stage between Zellmer and Kirsten Korosec, Senior Reporter for the U.S. news site TechCrunch.

Korosec wanted to hear how Porsche plans to reinvent and reenergize for an era of electrification, autonomy and connectivity. In response, Zellmer laid out a wide array of innovations that Porsche is pursuing, but all under a unifying idea: Providing new ways to access and experience the Porsche brand that are seamlessly integrated into a customer’s daily mobility.

Integration is a goal of the two IT Development Teams that started this year at PCNA headquarters in Atlanta, where Porsche Digital, Inc. is working on bringing new features to the owner site MyPorsche as well as building a Digital Business Platform. One use case the development teams are working on is buying a Porsche online while seamlessly integrating the digital and Porsche Store experience.

On autonomy, Zellmer said that while a Porsche will always be a driver’s car with a steering wheel and peddles, it’s also true that Porsche customers will want to have all options. “When they are in traffic and it’s no fun to drive, they will want to be able to push that button that says ‘take me home’,” he told Korosec. Digitalization can also reflect the brand’s motorsports DNA, for example by helping drivers improve track skills with the Mark Webber app.

The Taycan is proving that electrification is a perfect match for sports cars, Zellmer said. He cited the experience of U.S. Porsche dealers who recently spent four days testing the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S. “These are some of the most hardcore enthusiasts of our brand. They were wowed by the Taycan and none of them, after they drove one, thought any of the Porsche DNA promises were missing.” And entering Formula E will ensure Porsche continues to develop technology on the track for the e-mobility age.

Whatever the future brings, Zellmer quoted Ferry Porsche’s prediction: “The last car built on earth will surely be a sports car.

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