Porsche hints at its production of electric Mission E, Taycan

June 14th, 2018 by

Porsche has made no secret of its strategies to take on Tesla using its Mission E sports car — today is known as the Taycan — and following a lot of hype regarding its projected specs, we’re now a step closer to knowing what it is going to look like. Kind of. The company has introduced its first real advertising campaign for the auto in the form of a short movie that shows a shadowy silhouette not dissimilar in the concept model unveiled back in 2015. The video — that culminates in the Taycan’s strapline “soul, electrified” — is somewhat vague and hyperbolic, but it will suggest that the Taycan will include the sleek body and clean lines that will probably give prospective Tesla buyers pause.

The business has made it crystal clear the Taycan will feel “like a Porsche”, and while costs have not been verified yet, rumors suggest they’ll be primarily based on Tesla’s. If you’re in the market to get an EV and also have got big bucks to spend, which title would you rather have sitting on your own driveway? Porsche seems convinced it knows the answer.

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