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10% OFF Porsche Tequipment

At Porsche of the Village, we believe our cars offer the ultimate expression of personal freedom and individuality. During the month of June, Porsche of the Village is offering a 10% off discount on Porsche Tequipment. The discount also includes any installation fees.

EXPIRES: 07/31/2018
Bicycle rack for your Porsche

$50 OFF

Porsche Bike Racks

Got big plans? That’s a good thing. After all, your Porsche is a master at combining sporty driving with your other favorite kinds of sport – such as bike riding. With a bicycle rack from Porsche Tequipment, you can plan a family outing, go for a ride on secluded roads or even venture far from home through wild terrain. The bicycle racks are available in various designs for the various models in our car range. Find the perfect bicycle rack for your Porsche. So that you can start your next adventure. Rarely do sporting challenges start right on your doorstep.

Offer available at Porsche of the Village. Offer expires 6-30-18.

EXPIRES: 07/31/2018
Air Filter Service

10% OFF

Porsche Air Filters

Complimentary Installation

Car manufacturers recommend changing your cabin air filter every 12,000-15,000 miles. If your vehicle is exposed to a considerable amount of road debris, we recommend changing your cabin air filter once in the Spring and Fall. The Air filters fight airborne contaminants to ensure that you are breathing the freshest air possible.

Available at Porsche of the Village. Offer Expires 6-30-18.

EXPIRES: 07/31/2018