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Boxster 718

How do you recognize a true athlete?

You often see them from behind.

The rear end with a trim strip between the tail lights makes the 718 Boxster look even wider. For a beautiful view. For those being overtaken.

The rear design

The rear of the 718 Boxster is an expression of superlative sports performance. It is cleaner, streamlined. And yet anything but adapted.


LED brake lights

The horizontal tail lights each have 4 LED brake lights, between which the trim strip impressively completes the rear design of the 718 Boxster.


Exhaust system

The black sporty rear apron embraces the centrally positioned tailpipe; the 718 Boxster S boasts a twin tailpipe.

The powerful sound? That goes without saying.

How do you recognize a true athlete?
They have power. In Spades.
Yesterday it was said displacement cannot be replaced with anything other than more displacement. But there's nothing yesterday about Porsche.

4-cylinder turbocharged boxer engines in the 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S sports cars.

And so it is 4 cylinders for the win: reduced displacement, less consumption, more torque, more power.

How do you recognize a true athlete?
They stay on track.

Centrifugal force. A synonym for driving pleasure. With the 718 Boxster you will fly - away from automotive boredom and straight to pure driving pleasure.


Mid-mounted turbocharged boxer engine. Or, pure driving pleasure.

The result is high cornering speeds while maintaining excellent control over the vehicle.


Celebrate corners, don't fear them.

The optional Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) continuously adjusts the damping forces for each individual wheel – depending on road surface conditions and driving style. In addition, the body is lowered by 10 mm. The tangible result for you is improved driving stability, more comfort, better performance. Not just in the corners.





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