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Porsche of the Village Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

James King | OH | 2017-12-28

I highly recommend this dealership and would not hesitate to buy your car from here. Sales guy Rob Bernard is great to deal with and made my transaction hassle free. Genuinely nice guy as is the rest of the folks here. I came from out of town and he had everything ready and perfect. Great to deal with a dealership that doesn’t waste your time.

Joshua Rubin | OH | 2017-11-12

Rob is the salesman to talk to. He is very knowledgeable and can help you find what you need. They have lots of toys which is great if you don’t know what you want.

James Ousley | OH | 2017-10-18

Customer service was amazing I will be going back to purchase my first Porsche.

Jason Schwab | Ohio | 2017-02-10

I just wanted to again say thank you for an outstanding experience at Porsche of the Village. I recently purchased a 718 Cayman S and absolutely love the car! This is the 3rd vehicle I've purchased from the dealer, and their great customer service keeps me coming back. I originally worked with them for my company car - a 2013 Volvo S60 and was so impressed with the experience that I purchased a personal vehicle shortly thereafter - a 2014 Boxster. Kenny Cunningham has been my sales person with each purschase. His knowledge of the product and follow-up has been outstanding. He's actually the Volvo guy, but he has helped me with 2 Porsche purchases as well. Unlike some of the other dealers I spoke to, he spent hours helping locate the exact car I wanted. Thanks also to Rob B, who helped track down this car, and along with Kenny, went over every feature inside and out. I've never had another dealer go over the car in that much detail. Porsche of the Village is the best all around. They didn't ask me to write this review; I did it because I've had such great service on multiple occasions. Thanks again Kenny, Rob, and AJ. I'llsee you all again soon - but hopefully not too soon - for my 911 Carrera S. Coupe or convertible? Hmm...

Michael Schuiten | OH | 2017-01-09

Fantastic team of people. Professional, courteous high level service, most pleasurable car buying experience I've had. Mind you I went all the way up form Miami having 3 Porsche dealers located within 100 miles of my home. AJ you run a class act, you have a loyal new customer.

John Burger | OH | 2017-12-11

Absolutely an amazing team! Staff are extremely helpful and courteous. Dave in the service department is hands down the best. Very knowledgeable and technical which I enjoy! He always make sure your vehicle is properly taken care of. Excellent dealership worth stopping in at!

mkfram | OH | 2016-03-08

Jim was excellent during the entire purchase process. Very easy to work with and very thorough. We are out of state and he was very helpful in setting up the entire shipping and state transfer title. Will definitely come back for future needs!

Ray Mierins | OH | 2016-03-08

Jim Mohrfield made my buying experience seamless. Jim is a practitioner of exceptional customer service and I will definitely be doing business with him again in a couple of years. Jim is a true professional.

JP Aucoin | OH | 2016-03-08

Dear Porsche of the Village, I just wanted to send a note to you thanking your Team for doing an amazing job in getting me and my wife into two very sweet vehicles (Boxster and Cayenne). I just relocated from Australia to the Columbus area 3 weeks ago and my wife and I were in need of vehicles. Porsche was always on the top of my list, but my wife was still weighing her options with the other brands. We went to some local dealerships in the Columbus area and at the same time, I sent out e-mails to the various Porsche Dealerships within a 500 mile radius of Columbus. Within no time of sending out the notes, Damon Warner (Concierge) was in contact with me seeing how he could help and inviting us to visit your Showroom. He was in constant contact with me over the next couple of days and had the perfect amount of interaction without being pushy. I travel regularly down to Louisville, so on my way back from Louisville, I arranged to drop by your dealership. I was greeted by AJ Murphy (Sales & Finance Manager) and Alex Bouquet (Sales Executive). I was running a bit late and got to the dealership later (after 7pm on a Thursday) than I anticipated. At the same time, I know AJ had sick kids at home and stuck around the dealership until I arrived to introduce himself and address any questions that he could assist with. I told him that family is most important and for him to leave, but he stated that I was equally important and wanted to know how he could assist. Alex then took care of me and sold me on doing business with you guys. A few days later, I brought my wife down to visit the dealership and again, Alex sold my wife on a Cayenne and that day, we purchased both vehicles. Shortly after that, we met with David Proffitt (Service Advisor) and again, he addressed immediately some of our questions around accessories, servicing, etc and I knew we would be in good hands moving forward. We had several options to purchase locally, which would have been easier, but it was Alex, AJ, Damon and David that made the difference. We got the full ``Porsche Experience`` from your Team and as long as I am living within a 1,000 mile radius, you have a customer for life. If there is ever someone interested in your vehicles, I will direct them your way as well. Thank you again for your great cars, but even more so for your service. Best Regards, JP

Solana G | OH | 2016-03-08

From the very start Jim was great. He responded quickly when ever we had questions/concerns about our purchase. He was honest and upfront and didnt make us feel uncomfortable about anything. Considering we purchased our Porsche "blind", we were forced to trust Jim 100% with everything and we are satisfied. Thanks for all of your help Jim!

djmollo | OH | 2016-03-08


Working with Jim was a real pleasure as he made the buying process an easy and fun one. Living in New York and never seeing the car, Jim was extremely honest and accurate about describing the car. He helped me obtain a wonderful interest rate on the loan financing and selected a terrific transporter for the car. Besides giving me a very fair price, he was very accomodating throught the whole process and has always available to answer my questions. I would certainly recommend Jim in buying a car at 3 village dealership

bwanabart | OH | 2016-03-08

Porsche of The Village had best price on vehicle I was looking for. It was delivered from Cincinnati with basically no hick ups. There were a few issues that they took care (or are in process thereof). Sales rep was easily accessible and helpful at all times. I would buy from them again.

Jeffrey Fine | OH | 2016-03-08


I've been a customer for over 20 years. They have consistently earned my business and I fully expect they will continue to do so FOR LIFE. Great people...from the owner, to the GM, my salesman Jim has been there as long as I can remember an always takes great care of us. Bill H runs the service center as good as anyone. David Proffitt is the most knowledgeable Porsche Service Advisor there is...what more do you want? I have also dealt with Woeste's Beechmont Toyota and Audi stores and they have shown us the same commitment to quality...a class organization, top to bottom. Jeff from Turpin HIlls

lovelynail | OH | 2016-03-08


I love cars, and I have bought many. this has being my third purchased of Porsche. I have dealt with a lot of dealerships and sales people. Jim Mohrfield and Porsche of the Village are the best I have ever dealt with. He is awsome and very friendly.

14mike1414 | OH | 2016-03-08


I was very pleased with my experience at Porsche of the Village. The dealership is in a nice area of town and the people at the dealership are the kind of people I like to do business with. I flew up the next day. They picked me up at the airport and took me to a very nice hotel nearby. The next morning, I test drove the car with Jim then paid for the car. Afterwords, Jim showed me how to work the GPS so that I would not drive through downtown Cincinnati on my trip to Tennessee. It was important to him that I was happy with my purchase. Jim and I have stayed in contact since that time. I would drive another 800 miles to do business with them again.

bluemas | OH | 2016-03-08

The porsche I purchased from them was in excellent condition. The car was nicer than expected and the process for buying the car was painless, all the documents were ready for my signature. I value good customer service and received it from every one involved. I would buy from them again, they are a 9 hour drive for me and they are worth it.

spleuba | OH | 2016-03-08

I had a very positive experience with Porsche of the Village. I live in Illinois and purchased the car from a distance of 500 miles. The car was in great shape and as described. They gave me a fair price on my trade and the selling price of the car I purchased was fair as well. I would strongly recommend Jim Mohrfield and Porsche of the Village.

Eerad1 | OH | 2016-03-08


Jim was excellent in all categories. He was very responsive in getting back to me. He was very courteous. He was very fair in negotiations. He went above and beyond.

Gary K | Ohio | 2016-08-25

Over the past 5 years, I've bought 5 cars from the Woeste organization. 3 of these have been Porsches, 2 of which I'm still driving. I can't say enough about this organization. David Profitt is with out a doubt the best service person I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. My Porsches are fantastic, dream cars really and the whole organization works together to make sure the customers experience is exemplary. Can't say enough good things except, thank you all!!

yarianm | OH | 2016-03-08

I recently bought a used 911 Turbo S online from Jim. Transaction was seamless. Car was as described and delivered on time with all paperwork in order.

Clark | OH | 2016-03-08


While surfing the net for a car I came across Porsche Of The Village. What intrigued me was the number of cars available that was indoors. To me what better way to present a clean good picture of a car than to have it undercover. I contacted the dealer to check out a car I found on their site. Upon arriving at the dealership I was impressed the the cleanliness of the facility and it's content (cars). I meant Jim Morhfield, whom greeted me with a sincere welcome. Once he showed me the car I had in question I was again impressed. We went to his office to negotiate a price. I'm the type to negotiate, I never liked the concept of the no haggle set price by the dealer, to me that's only an advantage for the selling party (and I've noticed that if that car doesn't sell in a reasonably time that no hassle price mysteriously drops). While checking out the Panamera that I went to inquire about I spotted a unique looking 911 Targa. Jim was very patient with my (for lack of a better word) fickleness. We joggled figures between the two cars, all the while I was apologizing for the time I was taking. Jim just kept telling me to take my time. I finally made a decision. I was having a post mid-life crisis so that prevailed and I went for the 911 Targa. I also went for the Targa because I was financially better off keeping a car that I would have had to trade-in if I had chosen the Panamera. We did the initial paper work and off to the bank I went. Two days later I gave Jim the good news. Jim went out of his way to make sure the car was practically in showroom condition when I picked it up. Due to the weather around my purchase time I wasn't able to drive it as often as I would have liked to. I noticed a weak battery upon leaving the dealership went I purchased the car and made mention to Jim. Well luck would have it the battery just gave up just a short time after purchasing it. I notified Jim and he again went out of his way to fix this issue. I even pointed out a few other minor issues that were address without hesitation and best of all without cost. With all this said I was a very happy and satisfied customer and I can hardly wait for Spring to get full enjoyment out the the open Targa roof driving down and through a nice challenging road. With Sincere Appreciation, Clark

Bflerl | OH | 2016-03-08

Absolutely first rate service! I dealt with Jim Mohrfield and he is an absolute professional. Post-sale responsiveness and attention to detail, communication is great. I will do business with them again.

M.Stasko | OH | 2016-03-08

Jim was reasonable with pricing a used 2011 Cayman s, fair price, and car was well represented in its description. Dealer accommodated my travel with ground transportation from airport. All sales and service were friendly and knowledgeable.

Laura Davis | OH | 2016-03-08

Everyone at Porsche of the Village really seems to try hard to take care of their customers! Their Ultimate Auto Storage and Ultimate Tire programs are the coolest I've ever seen! I would certainly recommend them!

Al | OH | 2016-03-08

Great (Long Distance) experience...all went without a hitch. Delighted to offer any endorsement. Jim was a pleasure to deal with...first class operation. Thanks

Abdiel Acevedo | OH | 2015-12-31

After about 2 months of looking for a car I ran into a car at Porsche of the Village. I inquired about the vehicle and minutes later, I had a response in my email. I gave a time that I wanted to take a look at it, and the car was ready for me and Jim Mohrfield was also waiting for me. I usually stay away from dealerships because of the hostile atmosphere but Jim and his whole staff at Porsche were excellent. Not only did I get a good deal without much hassle, but you can tell that Jim cares about his customers and the vehicle he is selling. He stands behind the vehicle and ensures that you are happy, comfortable and feeling like you made the right decision. This was the most pleasant customer service experience that I have ever had, and I will definately be a loyal customer. Thank you Mike and Jim.

Matthew Caudill | OH | 2015-12-31

I recently had the great satisfaction of purchasing a car from Jim, your used car manager. In searching for the perfect BMW 335I, I found it at Porsche of the Village and Jim far exceeded my expectations. Jim even showed up on memorial day to meet me when he had another preplanned event that day. He was prompt, courteous, and I am very happy with my purchase. After test driving many of them around the tri-state, I was drawn to working with Jim and checking this ride out. I was nervous to buy a newer car and go through it again from having past bad experiences but I feel like I will be a customer for life. Jim is someone I would love to work with again and I feel like I had a confident purchase and no buyers remorse here! Thanks Jim!

Christine M | OH | 2015-12-31

Jim is an outstanding person. He is an asset to the customer and the dealership. Jim has a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows the customer to trust him. I highly recommend him.

Michael Gallo | OH | 2015-12-31

This was my first internet sourced purchase and I believe it was one of the easiest and stress free auto purchases I ever made largely thru the attention and assistance provided by Jim Mohrfield throughout the process. Although I am at the opposite end of the state I would not hesitate to make the effort to purchase again from Jim.

Bruce Y | OH | 2015-12-31

Several family members have purchased vehicles from Mr Mohrfield. His integrity, knowledge, care and dependability make it hard to buy from anyone else. We look forward to being ongoing, repeat customers.

Bruce | OH | 2015-12-31

I Purchased a Porsche from Jim Mohrfield. His service, attention to details, and professionalism was second to none. I have not seen his level of service in a long time. Thanks Jim!

William Xi | OH | 2015-12-31

My sale advisor is Jim Mohrfield, a great person to work with. He provided all the details, and is very knowledgeable of Porsche. I bought the used car sight unseen, and flew from Phoenix to pickup the car. Everything went smoothly and I'm very happy and love the car!  Thank you, Jim.

Frank Tullos | OH | 2015-12-31

Being 430 miles away, I had to rely on Mr. Mohrfield's assertions and statements.  He was candid, forthright and earned my trust in the first few conversations.  I agreed to buy the car, drove to Cincinnati and was highly pleased with the car and the purchasing experience.  This is my 44th Porsche and I am delighted to have found the car there and to work through the purchase with Jim and his able staff.

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